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Get in on the action with Omada, the ultimate and insanely fun Sports Prediction Community.
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Our motto:
No Bet Regret

Bidding Farewell to Betting Apps
of the Past!

We’re on a mission to 💥 the old-school betting apps that exploit the younger generation. We're revolutionizing the game, investing in youth education, and making a difference.

Our day-to-day initiatives are proof that we're all in for positive change ↓

Join us on the field
Proudly wear our colors
We care about young generation
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The Omada Community

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MoHawk2007, 05/27/23
Omada is sooooooo much fun, you get the excitement of betting without sacrificing any actual money.
ThatGuvEli. - 09/25/23
This is a great app especially for you and your friends to play without spending money.
Joe so that he - 07/22/2022
You game is so good that I been playing for 1 years straight.
Killa Krazy, 05/21/23
I love omada it's the best way for kids to bid on games without losing accrual money
Conner3839 - 07/06/23
I can't express how good this app is and how often I use it, talking to people and being able to join groups with hundreds of people is so much fun! ... Overall, an amazing app!


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Common questions

Do I have to spend money?

You don’t have to spend a penny to play ball. You can spend some money to get a slight competitive advantage or to enhance your Omaji, but, ultimately, the game is free and—if you know ball enough (or simply play for long enough)—you can earn everything in the game without spending a thing.

What do coins get me?

Coins determine your place on the leaderboard. Everyone receives the same amount of coins, but finish with more or less depending on how successful their picks are. The more coins you have by the end of the week, the higher you place on the global and squad leaderboards—proving just how much better or worse you know sports than your friends, rivals, and strangers.

What can I earn?

Pride, bragging rights, and quantitative, concrete proof that you know ball.